Coulby Manor, Coulby Newham, Middlesbrough, TS8 0RP
Telephone: 01642 595316


0Here at Coulby Manor we are able to provide a selection of Buffet Menus. In addition to the popular menus below, we are able to offer other options, including hot food, and are happy to discuss individual requirements.
After 3pm please phone Coulby Manor at 01642 595317
Before 3 pm Ernie Graves

Captain's Menu

Open Bun Sandwich
Roast Beef - Turkey & Stuffing - Tuna & Mayonnaise - Ham & Tomato, Pease Pudding
Egg Mayonnaise - Salmon on Brown Bread

Prawn -
Crab Flavour - Egg
Pork Pies - Sausage Rolls - Corned Beef Slices - Scotch Eggs - Various Quiches
Cheese & Ritz Biscuits - Nuts - Crisps - Pickled Onions

£4.00 per head; Minimum order 20

President's Menu

Captains Menu as above plus
Cold Meats
Carved Ham - Chicken Drumsticks

Green Salad - Coleslaw
Seafood (Option)
Prawns - Cockles - Mussels - Seafood Sticks
Dessert (Option)
Fresh Cream Cakes - Gateaux - Trifle

£4-50 per head+ £1 per head for options minimum order 20